Wytchery: Fine Art Prints and Stock Photos For Children of the Night

Herein lies a curated collection of the Wytchery's favorite fine art prints and images

GOTHIC DOESN'T HAVE TO BE TACKY ...At its best, gothic is romantic, dark, mysterious, the setting for our own individual worlds. You can cast a mystical and moody spell with a fine art print from one of our most popular images, from the galleries below, specially curated for those who love dark decor.

Choose from a wide selection of haunted and historical houses, graveyards, pagan sites and symbols from Todd Atteberry, that drip with atmosphere.

We also feature the romantic and misty landscapes, graveyards, castles, poisonous and diabolical plants and flowers from Cate Davies

All prints are available in a variety of sizes, paper stock and mounting options. Including giclee, metal and canvas prints.

Featured Haunt:

A Tour of the Real Salem

Salem Massachusetts ... home to the infamous witch trials, modern day witches, hauntings, history and a surprisingly good series on WGN. There's still much to see of the old Salem if one knows where to look. View the gallery to see if it matches up to your imagination. 

Want to know more about Salem? Click here to take a virtual tour of Salem and environs as seen through the best selling book by Katherine Howe, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.

More of our favorite haunts

Galleries of fine art prints from our favorite towns, villages and cities from Great Britain, Europe and the United States. These are the places noted in literature and history to be heavy with occult and supernatural connections, and still give off their distinctive atmospheres to those who are looking and listening. Where things still go bump in the night. 

For collectors only .... our finest images printed on our finest papers

Our finest quality fine art prints, images specially curated for printing on giclee watercolor paper, with a texture  too beautiful to hide behind glass. Selected and printed with the serious collector in mind. 

Please click here to view the collector's galleries

This Month's Featured Galleries

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